For Startups

Innovation Coaching

In today's competitive environment, innovation is the deciding factor between startup success and failure. Innovating effectively and efficiently is a challenging process for any organization, whether nascent or mature. Identifying a problem is fairly simple. Discovering and developing an innovation to solve a problem is complicated and prone to failure. Ross has over a decade of experience discovering and developing innovations. One of his discoveries, the Single Vial System, provides twice as many medicines at half the cost worldwide.

For this, he secured support from the World Health Organization, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Royal Society of Edinburgh, and HRH Prince Charles among others. With Ross' experience and Bryan's expertise in financial planning for businesses, your startup has the best chance of formulating and implementing an exemplary innovation strategy.

Using their unique methodologies, you will learn how to progress from problem identification to solution delivery. Thereby saving valuable money, time, and resources while also staying ahead of the competition.

Culture Coaching

The preeminence of organizational culture's impact on all facets of an organization cannot be overstated. Organizational culture is defined as the underlying beliefs, assumptions, values, and ways of interacting that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of an organization. Bearing this in mind, it becomes clear how culture creates an environment that can either yield beneficial or catastrophic results. Inclusive cultures foster camaraderie and synergy. Hostile cultures create conflict and discontent. 

Amy's experience as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor makes her an invaluable asset to any startup seeking to improve its culture. She has worked extensively with groups, refining her uncanny ability to reveal problematic situations and suggest resolution strategies. Amy helps formulate and implement inclusive value systems for startups.

With Amy's support, your organization will  become capable of identifying and course correcting hostile culture symptoms. Consequently, enabling your startup to focus exclusively on its core objectives and excel.