For Investors

Description of Services

We offer four core services designed to support investors through their due diligence and post-funding surveillance of startups. Our objective is to increase each startup's potential for success.

Innovation guidance

Founders often need assistance executing on their innovative visions. We provide structure, guidance, and insight aimed at helping them convert their discoveries into reality.

Budgetary compliance

Adherence to budgets is both critical and time consuming. We track the financial metrics so that the startup delivers on its vision within the predetermined budget.


Strategies are developed for ideal scenarios. When they require adjustment, we are there to help the startup consider all potential options and select the optimal one.

performance monitoring

Monthly Reports assessing the founder and startup, consisting of:

  • Mental Assessment- Evaluating the Founder's mental state through wellness checks.
  • Developmental Assessment- Evaluating progress on milestones, objectives, and deliverables
  • Administrative Assessment- Evaluating innovation, budget, and strategy compliance.