We help founders and startups achieve the maximum possible success for themselves and their investors. We accomplish this by harmonizing their visions, optimizing their collaborations, and enhancing their unity.

Our experience as entrepreneurs helped us identify the gaps where founders, startups, and investors need additional support. These can be aggregated under three primary categories: mental (for founders), developmental (for startups), and administrative (for investors). 


Mental (For Founders)

Founders are often unaware of just how strenuous running a startup company can be. They frequently face issues such as work-life balance and heightened levels of stress. In addition, they are prone to detrimentally internalizing these issues. Evidently, such internalization will negatively impact their personal and professional lives as well as place the startup in greater jeopardy of failure. To effectively deal with such issues, it is vital to have support from experienced professionals.

We offer Life Coaching  services through our in-house Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Amy Tsakas. Amy helps founders achieve work-life balance and is there to provide them with healthy coping strategies for stress. 

We also offer Executive Coaching services through Ross Tsakas, Ph.D. (ABD). Ross helps founders understand and manage the challenges of starting and growing a business, based upon his extended experiences as an entrepreneur. 


Developmental (For Startups)

Startups, whether consisting of a single founder or multiple individuals, need to create and develop best practices for innovation. They also need to create and develop an inclusive culture, capable of integrating new members as the startup develops into a mature company. Without best practices for innovation, the startup will be unable to develop its innovation and may subsequently fail. Without an inclusive culture, it will risk losing employees and creating internal strife. 

We offer Innovation Coaching services through Ross Tsakas, Ph.D. (ABD) and Bryan Coleman, CPA, CVA. Ross helps startups identify and evaluate innovation strategies. Bryan helps the startups adhere to a budget for the innovation process.

We also offer Culture Coaching services through Amy Tsakas, LMHC. Amy helps startups define what they want their culture to be and how to responsively adapt their culture in times of change. 


Administrative (For Investors)

Investors are taking a massive gamble every time they entrust their capital to founders and startups. A myriad of issues may arise, some of which are entirely unpredictable and unforeseeable. They need additional support to ensure both the due diligence process and post-funding surveillance detect and resolve critical issues in a timely manner. Moreover, investors are already spread too thin across their own endeavors and the various startups they are invested in. 

We offer four core services for investors: Innovation Guidance, Budgetary Compliance, Strategic Advising, and Performance Monitoring. Effectively, we teach invested startups how to strategically develop their innovation within budget.

Here, our team is fully utilized as Amy monitors the mental abilities of founders to cope with the rigors of the endeavor, while Ross and Bryan conduct the innovation, budget, strategy, and performance monitoring.